Improved policing

The problems of policing have been identified as stemming out of staffing, management, and organization of this force. These problems have led the organization to eschew morals and uphold “means over ends” while disregarding consequences. This is the sort ort of behavior that led to the insurrection of the End SARS protest of 2020. Policing, as we all know is a noble profession, and no nation can exist without effective policing, therefore, we at ADC Foundation have decided to take care of that policeman, to give him back his dignity, to put his children in a school that is world class, to remove his concerns and anxieties over health and eventually retirement, to inject sanity into his psyche so to speak. This is the soft side of ADC Foundation, however, if after doing all these for the man police, and he in a sound mind committed a breach, we would use all our weight to get justice done over the man police.

To decongest the prisons by reducing oppression

In the Nigerian society, every day the haves oppress the have-nots. It is a culture of oppression; our people worship money and power. Not that it was their wish, but because their voice has been taken, and in its place is fear, fear of what might happen to them if they speak up, fear of punishment, fear of death! Yes, the powerful get away with all that, and even murder. In Nigeria, we walk on eggs, and that is not healthy for our collective psyche, in our country, we treat the vulnerable as second-class citizens. These behaviors lead to a spate of crimes happening all over the country, people go for the kill because they know no one cares if they live or die. Many of these people need not land in prisons, which is a glorified death sentence in this part of the world, because the conditions of the prisons are debilitating to say the least. ADC Foundation have taken it upon themselves to be an advocate of the voiceless and to see that no one lands in prison without a justified reason(s). we champion a cause of zero-tolerance for oppression. And for people who have to be in prison, we ensure that they are not punished but socially reformed by improving the conditions of the prisons. So that all hates of the society are erased out of their personal psyche by the time they are returned to the society.


Arguably, our country’s best brains go into the medical profession, but statistics show that a great number of these people we call doctors are unhappy in their profession. Why is that? ADC Foundation is doing her best to ensure that glory does return to the medical profession so that the practitioners’ first love for the profession is reinstated. Secondly, we shall make sure the medical research teams get adequate funding for their works, to eradicate the many diseases bedeviling the people of the country.

To entrench a sane society

The whole country lives in fear! And that is a fact! The rich are afraid, the have nots are also afraid, and that is a collective amnesia, whether it is by design we cannot ascertain for now but we will not fold our hands and look. We shall support a government who plan to inject sanity into the society by ensuring that people earn livable wages as opposed to minimum wage. This is because if employers pay wages that are not livable by the standard of the society, even that employer cannot grow. Evidently, we see many start-ups/SMEs going bankrupt after a couple of years in establishment. These business owners feel pained that their businesses were looted by their staffs, I feel their pain and that also affect our stunted GDP growth. But something negatively remarkable happen at this junction, some staffs are picked up as culprits for looting the organization and they are sent to prisons. This is injustice. I say injustice because any society or organization that does not pay livable wages is a criminal promoting anarchy. Our partners, SMEs and large corporations are encouraged to pay their staff livable wages and see sanity return to the society, and not just that, more wealth can be evidently created and there would be overall prosperity.

To promote an increase in life expectancy

To corroborate all our activities, after eliminating poverty, removing fear, injecting sanity by all stakeholders, expectably we hope to see a boost in our collective life expectancy, we are working at seeing a leap from the current 53 years to 65 years in the next ten years, and to make this possible we need you to become a partner of ADC Foundation today by signing up  for partnership on this website, for the overall growth and wellness of all stakeholders. Also, if you like our objectives, you can share this page with your friends, loved ones and associates, together we shall take Nigeria, and the whole of Africa, by extension to a laudable height.

Improved judicial system

An improved judicial system cannot be overemphasized as the umpire in this game we play. Whatever is wrong with our judicial system is as a matter of course wrong with every single strand of the citizenries. And we cannot have a sane society with a failed judiciary. Therefore, we as citizens have decided to purge ourselves of all madness and by design, the resulting sanity becomes contagious to every arm of the government, chief of which is the judiciary. But we as citizens must act first, how, by putting our money where our mouth is, by paying a token dues to become members of this non-for-profit organization and see how our world is transformed and your voice become vocal while you assume a confidence you are not aware was there all along