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Depression is a killer, it may be loud, as we see in dementia, or silent, as can be observed in clinical depression, but any way by which depression comes, it has only one mission, and that, is to kill. The bad news however is that we are all freely disposed to this killer. And if we do not collectively remove these stressors, our life expectancy will fall below the laughable 53 years that it currently stands.

Yes, we tend to see ourselves as being resilient, because we tell ourselves that we have coping skills, but this is not true as any medical doctor will tell you, in the long run, depression works against longevity, these has a few implications, one, that you are unable to pay back all that was invested on you both by your government and parents and community, if you die at 53, that translate to a loss in the GDP and overall poverty for the nation. Also dying at 53 is a loss as you only worked and failed to enjoy the joy of sitting back to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

And lastly the younger generation are robbed of enjoying your unique experience, this means they are bound to repeat the same mistakes that you made. The best books arguably, are written by people who are older than 50, but dying at 50+ is a loss to all and sundry in any way you want to look at it.

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